Who We Are

Soak Systems Soak Tanks are your clean, safe, and easy solution to removing carbon buildup, oils, grease, and fats from stainless steel and aluminum kitchen products, including hard-to-clean grease hood filters. Typically, these buildups are more difficult to clean; increasing labor expenses and overall frustration in the kitchen. For some, this means your employees spend more time using harsh cleaners and dangerous heated tanks, putting themselves and your facility at risk. Others opt to hire contractors to clean equipment, cutting deeply into budgets. 

But, with the Soak Systems Soak Tanks - you can stretch your budget while increasing employee safety. All done easily overnight, without scrubbing, using dangerous chemicals, scalding steam or heated tanks.

Why do People Love Soak Systems Soak Tanks?

Labor Savings

The Soak Tank removes the need for employees to spend hours scrubbing kitchen equipment, allowing employees to focus on other items while the Soak Tank does the “dirty work.”

Safe for All

The Soak Tank is a cold-water system which uses a DSC Powder Concentrate, and does not require heat or steam. This tank protects your employees, while still providing the cleanest possible equipment.

Space Saving Design

The Soak Tank was designed to withstand rough handling and fit into a standard food service environment. At only 28.5” tall and 16.25” wide, our tank is one of the smallest, yet most powerful tanks on the market.

Ease of Use

Our DSC Powder Concentrate removes carbon buildups in room-temperature water efficiently and effectively without worry. The concentrate is non-corrosive, biodegradable, and can be put into a floor drain when the tank is cleaned.