Soak Systems Soak Tank

Not sure you want to join a tank club but want to purchase a tank? Under a chemical contract but need a better tank,That’s fine. Our tanks are available for purchase...


DSC Soap - Soak Tank Single Refill (FREE SHIPPING)

Soak Systems DSC Concentrate Powder is a unique, non-corrosive formula that targets your toughest food soils, baked on grease, and hard to clean areas on your equipment. The concentrate is...


Soak Tank Complete Rebuild Kit

Need to replace parts on your Soak Tank? We’ve made it easy for you with our Rebuild Kit. The kit includes front casters, rear wheels, and the axle with hardware....


Soak Tank Stainless Steel Dip Rack

Replacement part for the Soak Systems Soak Tank dip rack. Made of Stainless Steel and fits in either our blue or gray soak tank.


Soak Tank Replacement Wheels

This kit comes with both front casters and rear wheels for those who are simply needing to replace wheels and not an entire tank.