How It Works

Choose one of our four amazing membership programs. We’ll send you one of our high-quality soak tanks and ship you soap each month for a ridiculously affordable price. Clean. Safe. Easy. That’s what we aim for.
Tank + Soap Club Programs
Depending on which club you decide on, your monthly payments range between $99-$149. This includes your soak tank, monthly soap shipment, and free shipping.
Soap Club Program
The Soap Club Program is for those who perhaps already have a tank or prefer just to use our soap. This club is $79/monthly. The program includes a box of soap and free shipping.
After Your First Month
No matter which club you decide to join, soap is shipped automatically every month at the rate in which you joined the club. (Either $99, $129 or $149)
No Long Term Commitments
Customers may choose to cancel their club membership at any time, however a $250 early cancellation fee will apply and the soak tank (if not owned outright) is required to be returned.
On Your Schedule
Soap is automatically billed and delivered once a month to your location based upon your sign-on date. Should you need to change this date, please contact us directly and we’d be happy to help.
Clean. Easy. Safe.
We make and deliver everything you need for your complete soak tank solution. Our products are easy to use, safe to handle, and guaranteed to keep your kitchen equipment cleaner than ever before.