Statement of Expectations

SOAK SYSTEMS Membership Statement of Expectations
30 Day Trial Period: The Customer has 30 days from the date of initial delivery/install to cancel the agreement without any additional cost or penalties beyond the “Delivery and Install” fee if applicable. The customer will be required to complete our online tank performance questionnaire and return the tank as explained in the below “Agreement Cancellation & Equipment Recovery” section.
Tank + Soap Membership Program Terms: • SOAK SYSTEMS will manufacture, purchase and ship tank(s) to the location(s) provided from the customer for the customer selected term of 12, 24, 36 months at the selected program cost. • Ownership of the tank will remain Soak Systems through the entirety of the program, the customer is purchasing a soap plan, not equipment. • Customer will pay a one-time enrollment fee of an agreed upon amount per location to initiate program where applicable. This fee covers shipping of tank, first-month soap supply, consultation which includes tips for best tank placement, how to drain/refill/self-service as well as Safety Data Sheet review and required Personal Protection Equipment needs. • SOAK SYSTEMS will provide a copy of the DSC Cleaner SDS sheet which is to be left on site with the manager. • SOAK SYSTEMS will ship 1 box of our proprietary DSC Cleaner Concentrate to location(s) every month per refill standards. • Damages that occur to the tank during normal use will be covered by Soak Systems tank exchange policy. Customer will not be billed for any parts, labor or shipping cost incurred during the exchange of the tank. See below “Damaged Tank Exchange Policy” for details. 
Payment Terms: Payment terms are Automatic Bill Credit Card unless otherwise stated and approved for net termed account. Program Renewal: This agreement shall automatically renew for same term limit as the original agreement unless either party gives written notice of termination to the other at least 30 days before the end of the then current term. Agreement Cancellation & Equipment Recovery: If the customer chooses to cancel the program before the end of the original term they are required to do so via email at or certified mail and will be billed a one-time early cancellation fee of $250. Within 30 days of the receipt of the request, the customer is required to return the tank along with any other items which Soak Systems has provided in conjunction with the program. Customer must thoroughly wash and flush out tank being returned to ensure it is free of any grease, grime or chemical residue and therefore safe to ship per U.S. Postal Services and the like. Customer will be liable for any and all safety violations that occur due to unclean tanks. If tank return label is not post marked within 30 days of the written cancellation request then the customer will be responsible for the next billing cycle that will be incurred. Final termination of auto billing will occur when the shipment has been received, verified and inspected by Soak Systems. Lost or unrecoverable equipment: In the event that item(s) that are to be returned have been lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the customer will be liable to pay current replacement value on said items. Damaged Tank Exchange Policy: In the event, any damage occurs to the tank, customer needs to contact Soak Systems. Soak Systems will exchange the damaged tank by shipping a replacement tank in a returnable box with a pre paid return shipping label inside. Customer must wash and flush out damaged tank to ensure it is free of any chemical residue and therefore safe to ship per U.S. Postal Services and the like. Customer will be liable and safety violations that occur due to unclean tanks.