Why Deep Soak Cleaning?

Today’s healthier cooking ingredients are creating new buildups of grease and carbon that get baked onto cooking utensils and are difficult to remove. These buildups require more labor to clean – and labor is one of the biggest expenses in the food service industry. Equipment like baking and pizza pans, grill vent filters, pots, skewers and utensils all present difficult cleaning challenges. To get these items cleaned and back in service, people are spending extra scrub time at the end of the the day, using harsh cleaners, or even hiring expensive outside contractors to clean their equipment. Deep Soak Cleaning removes the grease and carbon deposits overnight, without scrubbing or dangerous chemicals.

What is Deep Soak Cleaning?

The DSC system utilizes two key components to deliver safe, labor free cleaning. The first is a rugged, polymer plastic, 35-gallon mobile soak tank designed to integrate seamlessly into the kitchen environment. The second is a unique powder blend of surfactants in a non-corrosive cleaning concentrate that removes grease and carbon buildups at room temperature and stays active for up to 30 days!

Here is how the DSC system works:

The user fills the tank with 30 gallons of water and adds 7lbs. of metal-safe DSC Cleaner concentrate. After use or at the end of the day, the dirty equipment and utensils are placed onto the ‘Touchless Immersion’ stainless steel rack, and lowered into the DSC cleaning solution. The next morning, the rack is raised , the equipment removed from the tank, and any remaining soil is rinsed off. It’s that easy! Repeat the next night or cycle in different equipment during the day. After 30 days of use, drain the tank using the built-in valve and rinse out the dirt. Fill the tank with fresh water and a fresh box of DSC Cleaner concentrate, and you’re ready for another 30 days of Deep Soak Cleaning!